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Philips SpeechLive secure cloud based dictation workflow software is a popular solution for enabling off-site document creation and transcription.

Attorneys can use the Philips SpeechLive phone application for Android and iOS devices. Dictations are sent securely to the firm's SpeechLive account where linked support staff can access the audio.

Transcription is SaaS (software as a service) so no software is required to be installed at the PC workstation. Transcription with a Philips foot control is done by browser at SpeechLive with a fully functional online player program for support staff that transcribe, (it even works with MAC)

Recently, Philips announced support for Citrix and Terminal Services environments with SpeechLive. This enables Philips USB foot controls as well as digital recorders and microphones to be utilized with SpeechLive in a virtual environment.

This is a great value-add for users looking to embrace the cloud and software as a service for ease of deployment and the ultimate in flexibility for working off-site. Philips SpeechLive is layered over Microsoft Azure platform.

We specialize in supporting our active subscribers on SpeechLive. Contact us with your questions


Recently Nuance has introduced Dragon Legal Anywhere Speech Recognition Software. This is a new secure cloud hosted version of Dragon Speech Recognition Software that will enable your attorneys to create high quality documentation that integrates directly into your workflows.

IT departments will appreciate the zero footprint installation process. Dragon Legal Anywhere supports Windows 10 desktop as well as Citrix, RDS/Terminal Services and thin client. Your attorneys can dictate from any location with this new version of Dragon that also incorporates AI deep learning algorithms.

The user subscription also includes a copy of Dragon Anywhere mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The Dragon Anywhere mobile app syncs automatically with the cloud-based Dragon author profile.

Dragon Legal Anywhere is layered over Microsoft’s Azure platform for security and reliability. The program is easy to install, maintain and scale for your users with automatic updates that translates to less work for your IT staff.

Create custom voice commands to insert standard clauses into documents. Or create step-by-step commands to automate multi-part workflows by voice. Once created, share customizations across legal teams for efficiency gains.

The client connects to a server component that is installed using 256-bit encryption. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Your attorneys can create contracts, legal citations and briefs three times faster than typing and Dragon Legal Anywhere is ideal for dictating email and email replies versus typing.

No obligation presentations and demo/pilot licenses are available for user evaluation purposes. Leverage the power of your voice and enable your attorneys to work seamlessly from home or office with Dragon Legal Anywhere Speech Recognition Software. To learn more visit

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