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Nuance has introduced a number of Dragon versions. Selecting the proper version can be confusing when choosing between Professional Individual, Group or Cloud software choices. Save yourself some time and reach out to us for product selection advice. We can assist you with software selection, answer questions and even help you with deployment and training for your end users.

dragon pro group
Dragon Speech Recognition dealer
Dragon Professional Group software, Dragon Legal Group software

Dragon Professional Group is for the multiple author office that wishes to include their support staff in the Dragon document workflow.

Prices vary based on the amount of licenses required. Contact us for further information on Dragon Professional Group . We can share with you how some of our customers utilize Dragon Group

Speech Recognition can also be used with digital dictation software and a variety of
digital recorders and microphones.
Our end user training group can show you how to make the best use of your Dragon software investment. Integrate Dragon with your dictation or transcription software, digital recorders, or digital microphones. Philips' SpeechLive, cloud based dictation workflow, integrates nicely with some versions of Dragon too.
Contact us for details and see how you can make your office more efficient!
We provide setup assistance, on-line customized end user training and support.
Interested in an upgrade to version 15 from your older copy of Dragon?
Contact us 

Interested in Dragon software that is Cloud based? New for 2022 is Dragon Legal Anywhere, Dragon Professional Anywhere as well as Dragon Law Enforcement Anywhere.

Visit our Dragon in the Cloud product page

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