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I Need Service

We specialize in Philips and Olympus software support including Philips Enterprise and SpeechLive software configurations and setup.
Email or call us with the specific items you need serviced. Our technicians will provide service estimates upon request.
Our organization will assist in troubleshooting most devices on a time materials basis. We also service Dragon/Nuance Speech Recognition Software.
Email us at please be specific regarding the model and problem you are experiencing. Include your contact information please.
Or you may reach us at 612 805 7883

Some unsolicited feedback from our existing customers..

“Congratulations to all of you.  So far no problems with my wave player, which I really appreciate!!!  Thank you once again for your patience with me :-) –Deb

"Very impressed and grateful for your quick and effective service and support. Your group makes me feel like I have the entire Verizon team supporting me" -Dr. Sarfaty

"I just wanted to thank you for the quick shipment of my foot pedal.  I will recommend you to my MT friends". -J. Quattrocelli

“Thanks for your nearly infinite patience” –K. Ranum

Thanks so much for ALL your help! –S. Millen

“Wanted to write back to say that I have been very impressed with your customer service. Top notch” -R. Heard

“Thanks so much for your fast reply.  On Sunday no less. Thanks again Ken, I appreciate the help”. –J. Robins

“Thank you for your prompt and excellent service Ken” –M. Doss

"Just dropped your check in the mail to cover the headsets. Thank you for getting them to us so fast!

You rock dude!" -S. Ramsey


"THANK YOU  THAT WORKED!!!!!!  I always did like you best!!" - M. Begeny


"I also wanted to let you know that, in my view, of all of the vendors that we deal with, particularly the tech-related ones, Ken provides the best service by far"

-Mark P 


Thank you again Ken!  Problem resolved … yeah!  So appreciate your timeliness always in responding, & you are so awesome!!


Try to stay warm, and have a great Thanksgiving!!!




WOW!!!  I just read Ruth your e-mail.  She said “he’s a Godsend” which you are!!


-Debra E


Yes, Ken was wonderful and got everything up and running quickly.  He also thoroughly explained everything to me.  I told him how we LOVE this program!




Mike is my hero.  xo  You're my second hero, Ken. 


Cheryl S


Thanks so much for your help today!  You are a lifesaver!

-Linda W


Like a boss!  you rock!  Thank you sir!

-Kyle W


Thank you for your help!  If you ever need me to confirm how great you are to a potential customer, send them my way!

-Vicki L



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