Dictation Systems

Dictation systems software provides the ability to capture, manage, route and securely process digital audio files in any user environment. There are cloud-based dictation systems such as Philips SpeechLive. There are on premise or hosted dictation system software such as Philips Enterprise dictation workflow software. Dictation systems may leverage Active Directory for a single Windows login and authentication.


Typically, Citrix, Terminal Services and RDS (Remote Desktop Services) environments are supported with dictation systems software as well as thin client environments. Dictation systems provides an organization the ability to properly route audio files between users, teams and support staff regardless of user location. Work routing can match authors to support staff members and also optionally convert voice to text so that support staff are only editing/formatting dictation versus transcribing. Dictation systems may also offer secure and encrypted movement and routing of audio files such as Philips SpeechLive and Philips Enterprise dictation workflow.


Philips dictation systems also support iOS and Android devices with the Philips voice recorder mobile application for authors. We specialize in dictation systems preplanning design and deployment on a national basis. Today we support over 400 U.S. based law firms for their dictation hardware/software requirements including support and training.

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