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Benefits of Philips Pro Transcribe Software

Philips Pro Transcribe Software is a powerful application that joins authors to transcriptionists. Through the software package, you can communicate efficiently while providing improved workload management. The Philips Enterprise solutions give organizations improved flexibility and allow for the reduction of resources. An author can talk directly into the software, and it is recorded. Then it automatically sends it to a transcriptionist. That person plays back the recording as needed and uses a foot pedal, if desired, to control the playback while transcribing. This updated software provides popup notifications for new and essential tasks. It includes advanced encryption and security, so you do not have to worry about your files being hacked. This package provides an option for automatic backup files to ensure no files and work are ever lost.

You can monitor the flow of work between the author and transcriber. You route documents to the appropriate person within the process based on the rules that you established. Routing documents gives you a faster response time and a more efficient process. This software provides an enhanced filing system with the ability to create folders and subfolders. This software offers the ability to sort and filter through the folders giving you better organization and control. You can mark cases with urgency and provide comments as needed. Smartphones are a convenient way to use this software and transcribe on the go. You can use microphones from Philips to help have better control of recordings and functions. You can record, insert, append, and overwrite easily and as needed. To increase efficiency, you can download your dictation directly to the software and route it using email, your network, or a server. You can be sure that you do not miss any of the recordings or work.

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