Philips Enterprise

We specialize in the deployment of Philips Enterprise dictation workflow software. Philips Enterprise is a scalable dictation workflow software solution that leverages Active Directory. Sophisticated work routing between author and support staff along with the ability to create “teams or offices” of users streamlines the dictation workflow process.


Terminal services, RDS (Remote Desktop Services) and Citrix environments as well as thin client are supported with Philips Enterprise Software. Philips Enterprise Dictation Workflow software is ideal for medium to large offices and is easily scalable. Philips Enterprise also supports the Philips mobile recording applications for iOS and Android devices along with digital handheld recorders and hand microphones for the author.


Philips Enterprise also provides for the creation of unique “tasks” whereby audio recordings can be moved/copied to alternative locations such as FTP for outside transcription services or a repository in a law enforcement environment. Philips Enterprise dictation workflow can also be Web-enabled through IIS and a SSL certificate. Philips Enterprise provides server-based concurrent licensing.

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