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Philips SpeechLive

Streamline Your Workflow with Philips SpeechLive Dictation Software

Are you an author, dictator or transcriptionist who wants to streamline your workflow? If so, you should check out Philips Speechlive. The Speechlive dictation software allows you to speak while the software transcribes your words for you in real-time. Philips Speechlive provides a simple way of working for authors and typists alike while providing a cost effective and easy-to-manage licensing model. With Philips SpeechLive, you can speak directly into the web browser or record, and then upload your speech. You can use the software to recognize your speech, which converts your voice to text. You can also take advantage of the transcription services which provide 99 percent accuracy. 


One of the biggest benefits of using Philips Speechlive is the time that you will be saving when doing your work. With the Speechlive dictation software, you will be able to multitask or work on the go. Imagine being able to go for a walk to get some exercise while having the Philips Speechlive dictate your thoughts. No need for a laptop or computer. Everything can be done through your smartphone. It allows you the flexibility to work in or out of the office. Plus, you will be able to produce documents in less than half the time it takes to type.


The Speechlive dictation software gives you the ability to give your attention to important tasks and not typing. This makes you feel like you have your own assistant. Start simplifying and streamlining your jobs with Philips Speechlive. 

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