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Dragon 16 Legal

Dragon 16 Legal is designed for Windows 11. This is a perpetual licensed product.

Dragon Legal v16’s advanced speech recognition capabilities can help legal professionals speed through routine tasks and make flat-rate work more profitable. Now optimized to run on Windows 11— and backwards compatible with Windows 10, Dragon Legal’s custom vocabulary is trained on over 400 million words from legal documents to offer up to 99% accuracy from first use.



Create high-quality legal documents in less time

Fast, accurate speech recognition capabilities enable the completion of routine documentation up to three times faster than typing.


Protect your firm as the industry evolves

Avoid losing work to online self-service and cut-rate competitors by making routine work economically viable, while maintaining the customer service that clients value.


Boost efficiency, billings, and firm health

Deploy Dragon Legal across all your practice areas to instantly share custom templates, streamline documentation workflows, and quickly generate ROI.


Empower junior associates

As clients continue to demand flat-rate billing for routine work, empower junior associates with Dragon Legal to complete routine deliverables with consistency, accuracy, and speed.

Dragon 16 Legal

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