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Philips ACC2320 foot control

Philips ACC2320 3 position USB foot control. This is our recommended foot control for Philips SpeechLive users and SpeechExec Pro Transcribe users.


Start, pause, rewind and fast-forward audio files with only a slight movement of the foot tip, keeping your hands free for uninterrupted typing.

The anti-slip pad at the bottom of the device ensures it grips to the floor and stays in place during use. It works great on any flooring surface including carpet, tile and wood. The bumps on the top surface prevent the foot from sliding off.


The pedal functions can be personalized to suit your preferred transcription style via Philips SpeechControl or SpeechExec software and at SpeechLive.


The foot control is designed to withstand long hours of regular heavy use. Magnetically controlled contact switches and rugged pedals make it a highly durable and long-lasting device.


Philips ACC2320 foot control

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