Philips DPM8100
The Philips 8100 model is the same as the DPM8000 model, however it does NOT include Philips Speech Exec Software.
This is an ideal recorder to purchase if you already have Speech Exec Dictate software or are ordering this for your workflow system software configuration.
This is Philips' flagship handheld recorder

The Pocket Memo DPM 8100 dictation recorder takes dictation to a new level. Breakthrough 3D Mic technology delivers best audio quality in any recording situation. Its robust yet lightweight stainless steel design offers perfect ergonomics for working over longer periods of time. Coupled with SpeechExec Pro upload software for efficient data management and a docking station for uploading your files.

3D Mic system for best audio quality and accurate speech-recognition results
Built-in motion sensor for automatic microphone selection
Ergonomic slide switch for efficient single-handed operation
Robust stainless steel casing for extra durability

Large color display and clear user interface for easy, intuitive operation
File encryption and device PIN lock for high data security

Package contents
Pocket Memo digital dictation recorder
Docking station
Memory card
Rechargeable battery
USB cable
User manual

Philips DPM8100

  • Recording format: DSS/DSS Pro (Digital Speech Standard), MP3, PCM Product dimensions (W × D × H): 2.1 × 4.8 × 0.6 inches Weight: 4.1 oz including battery and memory card