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Philips SpeechOne PSM-6300

Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset has been specially designed to match the needs of users who frequently use dictation or speech recognition to create documents. The premium decoupled microphone offers crystal-clear recordings, perfect for accurate transcriptions. Ultra-comfortable and ergonomic design, personalized wearing options and hygienic exchangeable cushions make the headset the perfect work companion in both hospitals and offices alike.

Philips SpeechOne PSM-6300

  • Technology:

    2.4 GHz ISM Band



    Operating range:

    up to 5 m / 16 ft (in clear view)


    Battery type:

    Li-polymer built-in battery

    Battery capacity:

    360 mAh

    Battery lifetime:

    up to 12 hours of recording

    Standby time:

    > 100 hours


    wireless via docking station or micro USB cable

    Charging time (wireless):

    80% after 60 min, approx. 2 hours for full charge


    Supported speech recognition software:

    Nuance Dragon Professional 13/14/15 Individual/Group, Nuance Dragon Legal 13/14/15, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3.x/4.x, Nuance Dragon SDK Client Edition 14

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