SpeechExec Software

Philips SpeechExec software is designed for a Windows 10 PC workstation with a version called Pro Dictate for an author and Pro Transcribe for a support staff user. SpeechExec software automates the process of uploading dictation files for an author and provides a robust easy to use interface for support staff transcribing.


SpeechExec can be integrated with Dragon Naturally Speaking Group software to automatically convert voice to text for both the author and support staff. This cuts down dramatically on transcription time. An author can also dictate real-time into Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate software and visually see the text appear while speaking when integrated with Dragon speech recognition software. The audio recording is also captured along with the text file and both are sent to support staff for editing and formatting purposes when finished.


This cuts down dramatically on transcription time and provides a very real return on investment (ROI) for the users. SpeechExec also syncs with Philips SpeechLive secure cloud-based dictation workflow software. There is also an Enterprise version of SpeechExec named Philips Enterprise which provides a scalable version of Philips SpeechExec that also integrates with Active Directory and offers server-based concurrent licensing.

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