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SpeechExec Software

What is SpeechExec Software?

SpeechExec software is a premier solution for all your dictation needs. The newest version includes a workflow option. Philips SpeechExec is ideal for bigger companies and organizations. Those businesses that are interested in creating streamlined dictation should take a look at SpeechExec software. It creates a connection between the author, transcriptionist, managers, and facilitators. This connection brings about a more efficient process for the organization. Philips SpeechExec has the ability to create a setting for each person and rules for the automatic forwarding of documents. It gives managers the ability to control profiles, licensing, and the settings for the system. Another important feature is the ability to deliver on-demand. It is compatible with the Citrix server, which gives everyone the ability to update files in real-time, and the update is available to everyone instantly.

The updated version of this software includes a health scanner to monitor the server and workflow manager to determine if there are any problems. If problems arise, an email is sent automatically to the administrator. There are new configurations available for smartphones. These updates allow a more streamlined configuration process. You can pair this software with devices that allow you to use voice input. It also has seamless integration with a foot control to help you move through the transcription process much faster. This update gives enhanced security with improved security and data exchange. The system has automated backups and allows only users that are authorized to make changes and view documents.

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